Saturday, 16 February 2013

Whispers Of Dreams

Whispers of Dreams (A Poetic Collection)Whispers of Dreams by Alexia Purdy
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Beautiful lines...Loved the whole thing...thanks for making it free today Alexia Purdy or else I wouldn't have read it...

this is my favourite

While I Wait…
So sensitive to every move we sway.
So fragile to every word we say.
A fire that consumes the day.
And hate,
Swallows us in for pay.
Can you feel me washing away?
And Death,
So certain that you will stay.
So compressed in the faraway.
But Me,
I guess I’ll be okay

You, you’re like the rain in winter,
Cold and stinging on my face,
Crystalizing all this place.
You, so like the desert heat,
Melting me in your hands,
Burning quickly, heat of sand.
You are the four seasons to me,
Swirling and raining down.
Your hurricane, until I drown.
Place your indecisive frost,
Here until I’m frozen, lost.
Or why don’t you fake a spring,
Serenity of rarest things.
You, so like all the four winds,
Pulling, pushing every way,
Thrashing me most every day.
You, so like the dying fall,
Love, a space you endlessly defile.
Another leaf to join the pile

Last but not the least

Devil Inside
You raped me of mortality,
Infested me with lies,
Seduced me with your pleasures,
As sure as devils die.
Sang me songs of sentiment,
So vile, to me, appeal,
Whispered word’s unspoken powers,
You are the only real.
Gave everything of me as yours,
Took all of you instead,
Nothing left of your life now,
Like silence in your head.

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