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Charity Rising (Charity, #2) by DeAnna Kinney

Charity Rising (Charity, #2)Charity Rising by DeAnna Kinney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First of all,I want to thank the author to give me this book to review before it actually released but due to some problem I wasn't able to read andreview before it and I hadn't even read the first book then so I tried to finish my first and as soon I finished with that..I jumped to this one and God I loved it...

I tell you I never try to finish a series so quickly but still this book was intoxicating as the first and better than the first. More elements are there. Secondly...I love the cover..It just so awesome. The guy portraying Levi is is DAMN Handsome. Wish I get Levi as boyfriend and a husband..

Whereas the first book dealt with Levi and Clarity falling in love and facing problems -wesley ,Raven..

This book dealt with more stuffs,more surprises,old enemies running loose,,,I loved the new characters introduced . In the start it tarts with all action...with Levi acting strange and with introduction of new characters and new secrets and finding out the mysteries.I love the whole concept on which this book is based on . Never was this story predictable.

Clarity was as awesome as before strong independent and finally starting and happy married life.I really liked the quality of hers to forgive. It seemed every bad person seemed to go good after dealing with her..even after giving her troubles..

There are many interesting things happening to her in whole book and I sure tell you its quite refreshing and awesome...I was really shocked to see her going powerful ..That's why its called Charity Rising!!and to know the reason behind it.

Its so cute,so Amazing.. I salute this girl..She is never helpless and weak..and I like her relationship with her best friend..Whereas in other books people hide these werewolves stuffs with their close one but I in here I got to see the good relationship with each other no secrets between them ..Its quite refreshing.I loved more more cute names for Levi!!!

My puppy and garfield!! Heheheh!!

I really liked that Clarity didn't take any shit from any people ...I really was angry when Levi treated her that way I understood Levi but still it made me angry with him as Clarity was. And I really liked how Clarity stoop up to him even if she loved him a lot. The relationship between Levi and Clarity developed more.It was painful ,really painful to see them apart due to misunderstanding.

There was no dull moment in the book..Loads of humour in this book


and I tell you -you will be laughing so bad!!! smiling, crying with the book..Its really touching touching story.

I think I amliking werewolves a lot. I got to see more side of her mom and i was really sad what happened in the beginning but still I just could feel like Clarity in this book

I loved the beach scene!!

This book little more emotional than first and I am glad to listen o Levi's POV.It did help a lot to know his side. I loved him as he supported Clarity in this book and finally started involving her and they both became equals.

Eli was great even after what he did..Raven was just amazing and wesley yes..He did create loads of troubles but still liked what he did in the book. So yes i forgive all the villains .

The book ended perfectly with no loose ends...

Will miss Clarity and levi ,Eli and Raven and I really loved when Raven called Clarity My queen and I really laughed a lot when reading the scenes between Eli and Clarity.
but still I want more!!!

hope there would be more book.Once again..I heartful thank the author for giving me this book. (:

Fast paced,better developed than first,You would love the ending.Touching story.

Ratings-Whole Five stars. This book was just just perfect . I love fast paced book !

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