Saturday, 22 September 2012

Half-Blood (Covenant, #1)Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well..well..well..when I first read the reviews of the book ..There were so many of them saying its similar to "Vampire Academy"

But still I went out and got this book because saying it is similar to VA made me want to read this book..but I didn't start reading it immediately...Then one day I thought I should read it but I just couldn't The VA thing came into my mind and put down the book thrice after reading just 20 pages

But after seeing lots of my friends reading Half blood I thought no this time I would surely read it...
And Gods!!! I wasn't disappointed... I would say It does have similarities to VA but still many few interesting things were there which kept me glued to the book till the end. I actually in between forgot that this book does have those similarities....Its starts with her mother getting killed by Daimon and she rushed off to covenant and learning many truths about herself.. I wouldn't reveal those things..But I liked the surprises in between.. I would say Author's writing was also a great touch.. I love her writing..:)

I have always liked strong Female leads and I wasn't disappointed with Alex..she was interesting to read...Her fights Lea made it interesting.. Strong , stubborn, out spoken. Well can I say she was just like Rose...I seriously liked her and the strength she shown at the end of the book..

Aiden is OH MY GOD!! I just love his eyes.... everything about him Pulls me towards him..sweet, strong, SEXY..

Seth is another matter ! where in other books I kind of find all the second guys to be sweet and adorable but this Oh my...he is too Handsome..being Apollyon added to his charm..He is funny witty .. I liked his all scenes with Alex...

But the thing is I want Alex to be with Aiden ...however much I like Seth..The concept of Gods was good.. the pace of the story wasn't that fast nor that slow for me...I am definatly Gonna read Pure

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On Dublin Street

On Dublin StreetOn Dublin Street by Samantha Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG!!! Fuckity OMG!!! This book is just awesome !!! fantastic book by Samantha Young!!! First of all the cover is Beautiful !!! And I tell you Samantha young can write contemprary novels as perfectly as Young adult paranormal series . Her writing is so so so beautiful!!!

The start was painful and I really felt for the girl from the start. I loved the way how the story progressed from the part of Joss growing up after her parents death,dealing with her mistakes and guilt..moving around foster places , becoming independent. Trying too not get close to anybody..GOD!! her pain was was so much..I felt it....She moves in new place on Dublin street and that place and people in that really changes her life and made her strong enough to change...Made her fall in love!!!

She strong and even if she doesn't want to care but still at heart a caring person and I tried to understand her pain and her need to run away!! I liked there attraction between her and braden!! her relationship with Elie was so so good!! I really liked Craig too and his funny comments!!

Braden was OMg!!! sorry if I am using OMg a lot because this book is coming back to Braden ..I really love Scotsmen!! I loved his description and I fell in love with him!!! I really liked him seducing Joss and how much he cared for Joss.He did say some cheesy chessy lline which made me fall HARD for him!!I loved him sexy,hot lover..caring brother and a person who goes after what he wants..

Ellie waas sweet,strong and very caring person...and her love for Adam was so touching..and Adam was good but still an ARSE!!! LOL!!

THere are many funny funny scene which will leave you Rolling on the floor laughing....

And thhat FART scene was just awesome

Loved Joss and Braden's scenes ,their fight,their attraction to each other and I tell you those scenes are H.O.T ,steamy and dirty !! you gonna love it...God!! My hormones were raging after reading this book!!!

Ellie and Adam romance even though secondary but still you will feel you are mas much involved in this story as you are in Joss and Braden..

I really loved how they helped each other to get rid of the demons which made them what they are right now.

There are many things revealed ,many secrets a heart touching book..I cried,laughed ,loved, smiled throughout the book. This book is perfectly woven... secondary characters were great and I Just didn't want this book t end but every good things comes to an end!! Great bookkk...please go read it!!!

Fav quote-You’re good with the words, I’ll give you that.”
“I’m good with my hands. Will you let me give you that?"

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Dance with a vampire

WantWant by Stephanie Lawton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh!! No words really for this wonderfull book!!! Loved it totally!!

OK I am gonna say few words no no more than that.

Very good,excellent,beautifully written , touching story for me. It was so filled with it . God I couldn't stop my tears while reading it. and yes, The unpredictable ending..

Characters so well developed. I could relate myself to the girl , her emotions ,her reasons.
I haven't read such a book in my life..will call it the best book of the year.
The girl ,Juliana ,Juli what soever was a strong character for her age. She became more mature than her age i.e 17, having to endure so much at such young age. Her relationship with Issac, and Dave where it was so serious with Issac and filled with tension Dave was funny sexy and a great character.

Juli and Issac they both have their own Demons to face. How they faced their demons was so so god!! painful..when the demon can be in form of mother who gave life to you..It also deals with how society treats a child molesters, etc etc. whatever happened in the end was shocking,painful. I really can't describe it. I felt so many things..Love,pain ..I was angry ,felt betrayed like Julie did.. I was so involved in the book..

This book was perfect . I like the book which makes me feel all the emotions the character feel and if they have succeeded then its 5 stars for them. Characters, story line,Pace was just perfect.. Even thought It didn't end like I wanted to but still a better ending .

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EasyEasy by Tammara Webber
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wish I could give more stars then 5!! Infinite stars for this book!!

I loved, loved,loved the book from the starting,I was hooked and kept on reading and reading it..what a starting!!

This is the first book Of Tammara weber I have read and I would say I am not disappointed.
Jacqueline follows her longtime boyfriend to the college of his choice and she is dumped for the STUPIDEST reason I have ever heard for a break up. I just ,Just don't like kennedy... who broke up just to sow his wild oats...!!!!

I could understand Jacqueline (not jackie) please!! I could sympathies with her, who left her everything so that she could be with her boyfriend but when that bf leaves how it feels..empty. confused . I totally understood the girl and the phase she went through after break up.

How the people treat you after something terrible happens..
Now, to Lucan or Landon!! Oh god!! He was just amazing, sexy, H.O.T and those tattoos and those kisses and make out sessions. It left in in anticiption..and the ortraits he drew of her..and the slow dance on floor . I loved his ghost smile !!! Phew!! he was deadly hot..Loved their romance from the start . I loved multiple talents too!
I could feel all the emotions she was going through..and her last chance to pass ..when she was talking to her eco tutor . I quite guessed the secret who was he before it was revealed but still,had few doubts and when it was revealed I was like..Shit !! HOW COULD THIS BE?? I could understand how she got attracted to both of the guys.. even not meeting one of them..the way the people speak can draw you in..I was myself attracted.. :) How much change she went through after break up,how much she grew up and got over kennedy and trying to become her own person.

And with the concept of abuse,rape and dealing with a mad man like Buck made it more interesting,captivating and the affects of it. I kept on reading this book till late night ..I just couldn't keep it down.

I think I have no ohter words to explain how much I loved this book. I am generally into Paranormal romance and never go to normal books but after reading my friends reviews and after reading the synopsis I thought I should give it a try and man!! I wasn't disappointed!!!

The pace of the story was good neither slow nor fast just perfect. Loved the friends how supportive they were. The character development was so goo That I feel in love with those.

If you haven't triedd out this book Please my humble request would be to go grab your copy and start reading.. ANOTHER BEST BOOK OF 2012!!

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