Saturday, 22 September 2012

Half-Blood (Covenant, #1)Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Well..well..well..when I first read the reviews of the book ..There were so many of them saying its similar to "Vampire Academy"

But still I went out and got this book because saying it is similar to VA made me want to read this book..but I didn't start reading it immediately...Then one day I thought I should read it but I just couldn't The VA thing came into my mind and put down the book thrice after reading just 20 pages

But after seeing lots of my friends reading Half blood I thought no this time I would surely read it...
And Gods!!! I wasn't disappointed... I would say It does have similarities to VA but still many few interesting things were there which kept me glued to the book till the end. I actually in between forgot that this book does have those similarities....Its starts with her mother getting killed by Daimon and she rushed off to covenant and learning many truths about herself.. I wouldn't reveal those things..But I liked the surprises in between.. I would say Author's writing was also a great touch.. I love her writing..:)

I have always liked strong Female leads and I wasn't disappointed with Alex..she was interesting to read...Her fights Lea made it interesting.. Strong , stubborn, out spoken. Well can I say she was just like Rose...I seriously liked her and the strength she shown at the end of the book..

Aiden is OH MY GOD!! I just love his eyes.... everything about him Pulls me towards him..sweet, strong, SEXY..

Seth is another matter ! where in other books I kind of find all the second guys to be sweet and adorable but this Oh my...he is too Handsome..being Apollyon added to his charm..He is funny witty .. I liked his all scenes with Alex...

But the thing is I want Alex to be with Aiden ...however much I like Seth..The concept of Gods was good.. the pace of the story wasn't that fast nor that slow for me...I am definatly Gonna read Pure

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