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The Duke's Perfect Wife (Highland Pleasures, #4)The Duke's Perfect Wife by Jennifer Ashley
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Now,let me tell you how I started reading Jennifer Ashley's books. I started with Lady Isabelle's scandalous marriage...I started reading the book and first twenty page and I left got bored and went to other books. But one fine day I again took up this book I don't know what was I thinking But whatever I was thinking I am glad I read the book and found it sooo fascinating that I read all the three books back to back without any break in just 2 days!! It was sooo sooo awesome....My Favorite Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie!!I got this book after soo long and thank god I finally found it...I really wanted to know what happened with Hart and Eleanor.

This book deals with The Duke Lord Hart and Eleanor his former fiance who broke of her engagement with him due to some reason. We saw both of them in last three books and was curious to know what happened with them. I always liked a arrogant men's romantic stories how they fall in love with such strong ladies. It has it own thrill!!! The ladies have their ways to Tame the Mckenzies!!

The book started with Eleanor meeting up with Hart in a public to talk something important and i.e someone was sending photographs of him and another reason she wanted a job and Hart saw this as a great opportunity to keep her close, to win her back and he even invited her father.

He was running an election for prime minister and this book deals with the decisions he make,problems he has to face due to gaining problem. We come to know more about Hart and his history,his agony,his determination to rule and control. He goes through many changes in this book due to Eleanor.He was totally transformed. His drive to win and control had lead to many mistakes and I felt so sorry for him. The pace is good and well written .

Eleanor was strong,intelligent and AWESOME!!! I liked that she was never afraid and didn't get controlled by Hart! We get to know more about her after knowing bits and pieces of her in previous books. we come to know many secrets, many revelations in this book which will keep you hooked!!!Her dedication to help Hart and her love for Ian an her father. I loved the letters ....It was funny , sad , touching and revealing.

The romance was hot!!! I loved it. I like a man who knows what he want and not afraid to claim it!! The sex was steamy!!I loved the photographs!!

I really like Ian even though mad ...I love his reaction and his funny actions and love for his wife and children.Its so nice to see him caring for Hart and his cleverness.

I was glad to know there is more books coming and I am eagerly waiting for it. I think I am never getting tired of reading more about Ian ,Beth ,Cameron, Ainsley , Daniel, Isabella and Mac and The Mackenzie's Brood!!!

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