Saturday, 22 September 2012

Dance with a vampire

WantWant by Stephanie Lawton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh!! No words really for this wonderfull book!!! Loved it totally!!

OK I am gonna say few words no no more than that.

Very good,excellent,beautifully written , touching story for me. It was so filled with it . God I couldn't stop my tears while reading it. and yes, The unpredictable ending..

Characters so well developed. I could relate myself to the girl , her emotions ,her reasons.
I haven't read such a book in my life..will call it the best book of the year.
The girl ,Juliana ,Juli what soever was a strong character for her age. She became more mature than her age i.e 17, having to endure so much at such young age. Her relationship with Issac, and Dave where it was so serious with Issac and filled with tension Dave was funny sexy and a great character.

Juli and Issac they both have their own Demons to face. How they faced their demons was so so god!! painful..when the demon can be in form of mother who gave life to you..It also deals with how society treats a child molesters, etc etc. whatever happened in the end was shocking,painful. I really can't describe it. I felt so many things..Love,pain ..I was angry ,felt betrayed like Julie did.. I was so involved in the book..

This book was perfect . I like the book which makes me feel all the emotions the character feel and if they have succeeded then its 5 stars for them. Characters, story line,Pace was just perfect.. Even thought It didn't end like I wanted to but still a better ending .

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