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EasyEasy by Tammara Webber
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wish I could give more stars then 5!! Infinite stars for this book!!

I loved, loved,loved the book from the starting,I was hooked and kept on reading and reading it..what a starting!!

This is the first book Of Tammara weber I have read and I would say I am not disappointed.
Jacqueline follows her longtime boyfriend to the college of his choice and she is dumped for the STUPIDEST reason I have ever heard for a break up. I just ,Just don't like kennedy... who broke up just to sow his wild oats...!!!!

I could understand Jacqueline (not jackie) please!! I could sympathies with her, who left her everything so that she could be with her boyfriend but when that bf leaves how it feels..empty. confused . I totally understood the girl and the phase she went through after break up.

How the people treat you after something terrible happens..
Now, to Lucan or Landon!! Oh god!! He was just amazing, sexy, H.O.T and those tattoos and those kisses and make out sessions. It left in in anticiption..and the ortraits he drew of her..and the slow dance on floor . I loved his ghost smile !!! Phew!! he was deadly hot..Loved their romance from the start . I loved multiple talents too!
I could feel all the emotions she was going through..and her last chance to pass ..when she was talking to her eco tutor . I quite guessed the secret who was he before it was revealed but still,had few doubts and when it was revealed I was like..Shit !! HOW COULD THIS BE?? I could understand how she got attracted to both of the guys.. even not meeting one of them..the way the people speak can draw you in..I was myself attracted.. :) How much change she went through after break up,how much she grew up and got over kennedy and trying to become her own person.

And with the concept of abuse,rape and dealing with a mad man like Buck made it more interesting,captivating and the affects of it. I kept on reading this book till late night ..I just couldn't keep it down.

I think I have no ohter words to explain how much I loved this book. I am generally into Paranormal romance and never go to normal books but after reading my friends reviews and after reading the synopsis I thought I should give it a try and man!! I wasn't disappointed!!!

The pace of the story was good neither slow nor fast just perfect. Loved the friends how supportive they were. The character development was so goo That I feel in love with those.

If you haven't triedd out this book Please my humble request would be to go grab your copy and start reading.. ANOTHER BEST BOOK OF 2012!!

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