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Gates of Paradise (Blue Bloods, #7) by Melissa de la Cruz

Gates of Paradise (Blue Bloods, #7)Gates of Paradise by Melissa de la Cruz
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OMG!!! OMG!! OMG!! I am totally in love with this book!!!! The author didn't disappoint me ever!!! I have been waiting for this book for last one year and Its finally in my hands !!! <3 <3

This book leads to revelations of all the truth that were half unsaid in previous books . Allegra and Ben, Micheal, jack, Mimi, Schuyler , Kinsley. What would happen to them? How was Schuyler born? How Bliss was conceived? How Lucifer betrayed? The history Behind whether Ben is still alive or not and Schuyler coming to know her history and her part in salvation.

This book is written from Schuyler, Mimi, Lawson, Bliss POINT OF VIEW. It describes their journey in tying to find ways to defeat the Dark Prince. How to break the bond. How to come out alive. What will happen is uncertain.

This book will tear you down, make you doubt everything you wanted to believe, so many twists and turns and surprises and action filled book it that you will hold on to the book till the end....You will really feel your heart break and laugh and smile and grin with this book. This book is like a cool water after long journey to a hot weather. With every truth finally revealed its a blessing actually.

I have come to love Mimi more and more. She is one who is strong and believes in her love and finally changes heart and Jack is my Abaddon ...MAN!! This Angel with make you mad and to kill him but what can you do. He is the Angel of Destruction.

Kinsley was always hot and trusting and best man for Mimi,Oliver the best conduit...You will have few doubts left in last of the book but don't worry there is another set of books in Blue bloods series coming up. Its finally good to know what happens in the end. Bittersweet and god Touching would be left crying like I am ....But I am Glad the way it ended because if it hadn't I would have kidnapped the author lol! After all she made us wait for so long .

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