Friday, 19 April 2013

ARC review -Exposing Kitty Langley by DeAnna Kinney

Exposing Kitty LangleyExposing Kitty Langley by DeAnna Kinney
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First of all I want to the author DeAnna Kinney for giving me an ARC of this book.

This book started with Kitty defending her old friend from bullying by a part of team she was herself a part of . Seeing from outside and to be done on somebody you knew gave her something else to think and opened her eyes to what she was becoming. A monster.

Reed is a guy who is shy and quiet but circumstances make him support Kitty because somehow he saw the true face of the girl when he first met her. That Kiss was PHEW ...Wish someone ...someday :D
This book deals with bullying and abuse and talks about a girl facing the same thing she did to other and the effect it had on surrounding and on her. I loved that she was strong and didn't become so negative. I have always been against bullying and this book is kinda my first book which deals with bullying.. I try to stay away from it but I am glad I read this book. It was little effecting.

I loved the appearance of few favourite characters :)
Its fast paced and very good story. I would really recommend it to everyone who has been abused an to see that how to stand up to the group.. Stand together and you won't get hurt. Because Bullying in any form is not good. Getting abused can never be repayment of any wrong you did.

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