Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Dreamland by Sarah Dessen

Dreamland Dreamland by Sarah Dessen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my first Sarah Dessen book. I loved the book. It was quite captivating from the way it started and the way the author described the pain. It felt so real. The pain the family went through on their child's disappearance, Caitlin trying to fit in . Too replace or become her own person. Not living in shadows. I thing this is the reason which led her to Rogerson. to be someone else. I wasn't expecting what was happened in the middle half of the book. When the abuse started I was shocked! Literally. Didn't expect it. I just can't read anything related to abuse. I simply closed the book when it started because my hands were shaking ad I couldn't bear . But I still after half and hour came back to the book because I wanted to know what happened. I wanted her to be safe and out of her monster boyfriend and I couldn't have that until i read the book. I know why the guy turned out to be like that but still I don't like him. Caitlin on other hand is very likable person. I could feel her love, her pain and her need to different . Other characters were well developed and loved them all.

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