Sunday, 6 January 2013

Cover Reveal Allure By Melissa Andrea

Temptation. Desire. Deception. Everything about her is enthralling, enticing… until everything about her becomes deadly. Alluring you into the center of her world, she’ll deprive you of reason, breath… life. And because you can’t help it, you’ll let her, and death never felt so good. There is only one rule where she is from: Don’t become attached to your Allure, and Ryleigh has already broken that rule. The decision to stay was easy, but being ready to handle everything that comes with her choice, is more then she bargained for when something unexpected happens. Ryleigh is thrown into a world she knows nothing about, and a past she can’t remember. Time is not Ryleigh’s only enemy, but the lack of it, will be the end of her immortality if she doesn’t remember what she is or the life she needs to take. When the cost of immortality means consuming the life of someone you love, could you do it?!


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