Thursday, 11 October 2012

Defiance (Significance, #3)Defiance by Shelly Crane
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WoWW!! WOWW!!! WOWW!! Amazing book !! Loved it from the start till the end and the cover is just brilliant!!! and I also heard Significance is going to be a movie and that's a great great news!! Shelly Crane you rock!!!

The book starts with Maggie and Caleb and their family goes out to meet them and present Visionary i.e Maggie. Their has been no visionary for long long time and everyone is so happy getting back their visionary back and everyone seems to bow down always whenever they talk to her. the book deals with all the rules, regulations,traditions that a visionary should follow and what she has not to do. these restrictions seemed unreasonable. Maggie tries to accept her new role and tries to mingle with everyone. The council champion is Donald who is a Watson too who hated Jacobsons a lot.

There so many rues and regulations that seemed so unreasonable so restrictive for people that there was rebellion in the book by Maggie and Caleb that's I think this book is called Defiance.

Maggie was little confused,little weak and terrified in the end with being visionary and what to do. but as the story progressed she seemed to grow more stronger,more braver,understanding and finally coming to know the importance of being visionary and what could be done with that and she didn't follow any of those stupid rules which were so so bad and tries to make new rules, new changes in the way of council. and I was happy Caleb was with her the whole time.

Jen and Bish story was painful and touching but there are things which would would make you happy.

Donald , Marcus and Marla with their hatred,greet, anger and their need to imprint was all there in the book they created lots of difficulties for Jacobson. To slow down the visionary.

There are lots of twist and turns and new revelations and secrets ad explanation which will keep yo hooked with this book. I want Independence like right now after such an ending!!!!

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