Sunday, 10 June 2012

EntangledEntangled by Cat Clarke

WoW WOW!! What a book! From the start it was captivating!! I was glued to the story from the starting... I like the girl and everythinggg, her relationship with mother, her friends ,the characters were well develoed, i liked the pace, this book will keep you glued till the end ...but I had to wait so long for many secrets to get revealed..I was waiting waiting waiting that something would happen somthing exciting.. like turning point but I had to wait till end of the story...end was sad , confusing, and somewhat incomplete!! I got the feeling of unsatisfactionnn,,,I don't know why the author did that ..such an abrupt it to it.. I think some things can't be explained..or she wanted us to create our own conclusionsss...but for a debut it was an awesome bookkkk....I would surely give it a four stars!!!

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