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#NewRelease Losing Control from @RAGarietz

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Losing Control (A Control Series, Book 1)
By R.A. Garietz
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Lance wants nothing more than to win at Mr. Olympia. And if he gets to meet some women while he's in Vegas, the more the merrier. At least that's what he thought until he met Jess. 
Jess loves her job managing models during fitness competitions. But she's always let everyone know she's the boss. She's never let anyone seduce her, no matter how big and buff they were. Until Lance. 

But can Lance overcome his past and allow himself to let Jess in? And once Jess finds out about Lance's secret, will she ever trust him?

“Umm…Lance,” I stammer, and I feel his blue eyes bore into me. I clear my throat and attempt to take control of the conversation. “I see we have a lot of events to attend in the next few days, while we are here. Tomorrow, it looks like—” 
“Who are you?” Lance speaks, cutting me off. 
I freeze, and we lock eyes. “I’m your temporary replacement manager.”
He slides his upper body back across the table to stand. “I know what you are, I meant what is your name?” he asks.
My mind goes blank at his question. “Jess…Jess Brown.” I stutter.
“Nice to meet you, Jess Brown,” he says with a panty melting smile. 
Okay, I’m pretty sure I’m drooling. The way my name sounded rolling off his tongue, mixed with that smile, has me feeling faint.
Still standing, I try to speak but nothing comes out. Great, he has hypnotized me with his smile…SHIT! Hearing Kyle’s voice coming from beside me, snaps me back to reality. Feeling a little embarrassed, I clear my throat and ease back down in my chair, hoping Kyle will continue with the upcoming events.
“That’s right, Lance, she is one of your managers,” Kyle says, fixing his eyes on Lance. “She’s not a fuck toy for your enjoyment while we’re here.” 
I sit up straight after hearing what Kyle just said. “Excuse me, Kyle, but I think you’re getting a little out of line. Lance and I, will only be having a business relationship and nothing more.” I pause to glance between the two of them, then continue, “I don’t know what’s going on between you two, but I want nothing to do with it.”
Lance sits back in his chair with a smug smile on his face, and Kyle wastes no time jumping into the upcoming events to change the subject.
“Okay, tomorrow is the gym signing from seven till nine p.m., then Thursday at noon, is the Mr. Olympia press conference,” he reads off of the itinerary in front of him. Not looking up, he continues with, “Friday is the big day,” and reads off the location and times for each event that will take place over the next few days.
I begin nervously playing with the corners of the paper in front of me. Normally, I’m not intimidated by men and have no problem taking control of a situation, but this whole meeting has been out of the norm. 
Lance sits up, resting his forearms on the table, flexing the tribal band on his right arm. He still looks like he wants to come across the table at Kyle, but he stays in his seat.
Kyle quickly flips the page to continue the list of events, when Lance has obviously had enough.
Shit. Here we go again.
“Kyle, it’s no secret I don’t give two fucks about you, so let’s get something straight,” Lance interrupts. “You work for me. You got that? Stay the fuck out of my way.” The coldness in his tone could freeze a person in their tracks. Kyle doesn’t dare speak as Lance stands up, still making eye contact, and says, “I hope you’ve filled the replacement in on how I like my shit done, I’d hate for you both to be fuck-ups.” 
Mike promptly stands, leaning close to Lance. “Dude, the shit between you and Kyle has nothing to do with her. Don’t be like that,” he says, just loud enough that I can hear.
You can see the frustration written all over Lance’s face as he turns toward me. “I apologize,” he lets out a heavy breath. “I shouldn’t have said that in reference to you. I just like my shit done right, is all.” 
“Again, I don’t want anything to do with what is going on between you and Kyle, Mr. James. I know how to do my job.” I say with confidence.

About the Author

R. A. Garietz is a coffee addicted mom with a passion for romance. With a full time daily schedule, writing about fantasies gives her a chance to escape reality. R. A.’s writing started as a side hobby and very quickly became a realization that she was a bonafide arachnophobia starfish author! The financial industry doesn't allow for a creative outlet, but writing gives her the chance to express her creativity and imagination.

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