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Don't judge us! We love to read/write dark books!!


You know why I read?


I LOVE IT!! I read books. I do. I read all kinds of books. happy books, sad books, sexy books, psycho books. I need to read!! 

!0 reasons to READ!
1) I love it.
2) I really love it. 
3) why, yes I do!
4) Very much I love it.
5) I just fucking love it.
6)I am fucking in love with books!!
7)what? I really would fuck a book rather than going out with meaningless people who does not understand me! 
8) Shocked? Are you ? Because I just want to eat,read,speak ,sleep books 
9) I read
10) I just have to read. 

You get an idea why i read? i guess you do. Now you will question what do I love to read? 
I read everything and anything. When I read synopsis and my breathing becomes irregular, I get lost in all possibilities, I get feelings in my inner parts.  Are you judging me already? Why I am speaking this way? 

LET me tell you why!! 

Because sometimes I get these feelings when I come across a perfect perfect dark romance which includes BDSM, Master/Slave relationship,  about controlling/ losing control among other things. I love books like Lily White writes, I love the books Pepper Winters writes about! I love books by Pam Godwin! I loved Dark Duet series by CJ Roberts! Yes I did. Did you think it was abusive, violent book?  Do you question why the fuck we are supporting rapists? Do you think dark romance is an abomination? Do you think we all should be raped? Beaten shitless because we love reading those? You can think. You have your opinions We respect it in return we want you to respect ours, 

Do we ever say you should also be cheated on because you read books which involve cheating? I guess I should also wish you get a bitch mother in law just because you liked to read that book? You should get the most soooooo sweeettttest guy in real life as well even though you don't want one.

I am just trying to say what we read in books isn't exactly we want ever in real life. I wouldn't wish this for my worst enemy. But the thing is sometimes what book depicts happen in real life. It does. 

Let me tell you one secret. I was in love with abusive guy. yes he never hit me. But verbal abuse was enough for me to understand that he had me imprisoned in my own mind. I loved him still. Maybe he is still in my mind because he left an impact on me.   but finally with help of friends I am out of it .  So it happened to me as well. What do you have to say to this? This was my real life. 

So you believe it should have happened to me? I still read those books. It is like a therapy for me. I delve my mind in darkness of the book. It is like meeting my friend. Because they are so like my mind. Getting lost in my darkness is easy but I don't . I fight and these books help me. You know how...By making me lose myself in it. For some hours I forget everything to read the struggle the characters go through and how strongly they come out of it. It does help you . You will understand when you read it. 

Another thing is that. It is FICTION, Keep that in mind. Enter the world with open mind understand the characters, the story, the background and think with their pov. You will know the difference.  We read to escape reality. and you read a book and say it can't be real. It is not realistic. it doesn't happen. Yes even I like realism in the books.In the stories. but then I want a perfect fiction. 

You know we are all different people. you love tea. I love coffee. You love cold coffee . I love hot coffee. Not everyone are same. Books speak a different language to everybody. Before judging us please remember that.  You want to read sweet romantic books. Read it. Because your mind and heart loves it. I will read dark books because my mind and heart fucking love it. We don't judge you on your choice. because we know and understand your need. So we just ask one think from you is UNDERSTANDING. Let everything be in fiction. We are connected through books. We are readers. let there be diversity. Let their be different ideas. Let there be harmony and peace. 

If you ever come across a book which you don't like to read and get angry feeling-
1) Ignore and move on,
2) Pick up a book you love if you feel like ranting. There are 1000 + books to keep you busy. 
3) Or go in open mind and try to understand these books without any knowledge of it. You might end up loving it. 

SPREAD LOVE. NOT HATE. Let's read and produce happiness.  Read and read. Whether you read happy, sad dark books! read it! Doesn't matter what you read. Books are way to open up your mind and venture into unknown land. Wonder wander and wonder. 

Here are few response from readers and authors who read/write dark books and why they love it! 

This is copy of Facebook response I got for dark books! 

  • Vickie Leaf · Friends with Sarah Lintott and 76 others
    I love dark books. I like the emotional rollercoaster of emotions that I get from them. I like the taboo that comes with that genre. I find dark books don't have as many traditional hea which I like. And tbh I find them a lot less predictable. I don't need all hearts and flowers in a book. People are more than welcome to judge me for what I read. If they think I deserve to be kidnapped etc for my reading choices then that's fine. They're entitled to their opinion just as I'm entitled to ignore them. Fave dark authors have got to be Dawn H SidebottomKer Dukey Pepper Winters Kimber S. Dawn and Lili Saint Germain
  • Tracy Smith Comerford I love the dark side but I must admit from specific authors as I don't venture there all the time it's scarey , I love the mindfuckery of Lily White , the confusion and twists and mind controlling of Ker Dukey Author , and the monsters under the bed with Kimber S. Dawn . Would I read dark from others honestly it depends on the book, have I read others yes and I liked them too, just as I always say books make an impact on me if I put them down and they keep calling me back even though scared with the heebiejeebies and these authors created that for me and continue to do so today 
  • Sarah Lintott I love the dark reads....yes everyone has their own opinion but i'll read what i want and no one can tell me i can't! These books hook me...i love the twists and turns and not knowing what to expect! My favourites so far are Aleatha RomigE.k. Blair Dawn H Sidebottom Ker Dukey Author andAuthor SD Hildreth's dark one....which actually got banned several times!! Lol I've yet to read more darker authors but look forward to reading them!
  • Ashleigh Giannoccaro · 12 mutual friends
    I both read and write dark romance and I enjoy it. I guess both because I have a love for dark things and romance and the genre combines them into truly dynamic stories where we get to see the shadows that others choose to ignore or hide from. My favorite authors include Aleatha Romig, Ker Ker Dukey , DH Sidebottom, Pam Godwin, Pepper Winters and truly loads of others. I love a dark read, not just dark romance but the other stories that make your skin crawl too. I love to read of struggles and angst and the fight for something you want life isn't roses and unicorns I don't like to read about easy love and people who are all too happy. I live in place where crime is rampant and our rape statistics are frightening and very very REAL, I think the dark books are just that books, stories and escape from the very messed up world we live in. I have to agree if it might offend you then rather don't read it. 💕
  • Aleatha Romig I read and write dark romance. The thing is...it's fiction!!! If I met a man like the one I write, or my daughter did, I'd write my next book from behind bars!!! BUT...it's fiction and I enjoy the twists and turns and the unpredictability...Pepper Winters CJ Roberts and E.k. Blair write some GREAT dark romance!!!! 
  • Lesley Edwards I love my dark reads, to read them is my choice. Everybody has a choice in this world so if you don't like them don't read them or slag them off. There are genres I don't like, I don't read them but would never post about it.Tbh, I think some authors are just jealous of the way the dark genre has taken off and caught the imagination of people.
  • Lily White I write dark stories, I'm not going to limit that to dark romance because most of my books aren't romantic. Just like any other genre of fiction, there is value in dark romance that, for some, meets a psychological need. For many, dark stories, whether romance or horror or true crime, enable a person to safely insert themselves into a situation that they may not have encountered in their life. It gives them the ability to explore a curiosity and ask the question 'what would I do in that situation?'. It's common and normal for people to want to explore these 'forbidden' taboos. Even Emily Dickinson (19 century American Poet) admitted to having, and discussed the fascination with, the 'shadow' side of the human mentality and our curiosity towards 'dark stories' in her poem 'One need not be a Chamber to be Haunted'. This isn't a new trend, it's been around since the beginning of the written word and probably during oral tradition before that. For people to come out now and demand that those who write dark tales learn their lesson through real physical violence is irresponsible and speaks more towards the mentality of the person making the comment. I, for one, enjoy a dark tale and I won't feel bad for writing something that has been written for centuries. *typed from my phone so excuse typos* 
  • Ker Dukey Author ^^^^^ Perfect! What Lily said ^^^^ and like with everything! If people don't like or understand something, they attack it. I write for me and my readers. The woman spouting crap about dark authors not knowing what it's like to go through such traumas, is ignorant and assuming. It was shocking to read anyone wishing such cruelty on another person and says so much more about her! Then it does about any author or reader in the dark genre. 
  • Madison Street I write dark romance because it can happen! Especially what happens in Little Things. Part of that story is based on my own life experiences and that's what I write dark romance. Plus it's a lot easier for me to write than the sweet romance! Lol
  • E.k. Blair · Friends with Chelsea Fine and 408 others
    I write dark romance:thrillers because I enjoy the escape into a world that is so far beyond what my reality is. It's fiction. It's make believe. I'm not writing to be a role model and to set an example for how people should behave. Writing is an art, a platform used to express our creativity, our sadness, our demons, our happiness, our hope. For me, I prefer to explore the darkness and sadness rather than hope and happiness. It's my expression, mine alone. 

    I also enjoy reading other dark authors such as , Aleatha Romig, Lily White,Pepper WintersCJ Roberts, and Ker Dukey Author.
  • Shweta Choudhary True. Not everything is fiction. What happened in your book or any other books it happens just that there are more stuff added to it
  • Ker Dukey Author E.k. Blair I love you and your amazing books! 
  • E.k. Blair · Friends with Chelsea Fine and 408 others
     ya Ker!!!!
  • Michelle McGinty I love reading all types of genres except for Horror, Dark reads are among my favourites, love the taboo subjects the powerful writing that can take your from hating to loving the characters. I live in the year 2014 where freedom of choice is given, if you don't like dark reads move on ... simple. Some of my favorite dark authors are Lily White / D H Sidebottom /Ker Dukey Author / Tabitha McGowan, Writer / Pepper Winters / Kimber S. Dawn / Martina Cole / CJ Roberts / Aleatha Romig / Beth Flynn / M.S. Willis / Jaden Wilkes
  • Jaden Wilkes I came into romance having only read horror/scifi etc...very dark stuff. I tried romantic books, but my brain always wanted to do terrible things to my characters, so I finally let it happen. Maybe my writing is cathartic, maybe I'm just a sick fuck, but in the end, nobody is forced to read my work and if they don't like it, they certainly don't deserve anything close to what was suggested happen to those who do enjoy it.
  • Laurie Wetzel So do people who watch horror/thriller movies deserve to be kidnapped, raped, tortured, or killed? I really don't understand the logic behind this. I currently only read dark stories, but I am getting into writing them also. I enjoy the suspense that comes from reading them. It's more intense and intimate than watching a two hour movie.
  • Kitty Kats-krazy Ok for me dark romance is the stomach curdling, mind fuckery, near sick to your stomach reads, books that make me cringe like a train wreck waiting to happen, the taboo topics that not many authors are brave enough to write about, rape, murder, kidnapping etc etc why do I read them because I find they are so left field to the norm and they make me feel more on an emotional level than say your romance books that to be honest tend to bore me, the insta love, virgin 20 year old all been done before, same old same old..Two authors that deliver these books time after time for me isLili Saint Germain and Ker Dukey Author these two make you sit back and say to yourself what the fuck did I just read, the two above are brilliant at that!!
  • Arden Aoide Diana Covey

    1)what is dark romance for you? 

    For me it's relationships that are alarmingly dysfunctional, have a lot to overcome, and possibly rip your heart out in the process. They have characters with dubious ethics, dark pasts, violent natures, but who, in the end, love fiercely. Most of the time. Some are sociopaths. There are some that are beyond redemption. These are also characters we would normally steer clear from in real life. 

    2) why do you read/write it ? 

    I actually don't read much of it. I read Jaden Wilke's work and I think it's because she has a definitive voice, I can handle hers (or rather I can chew her out if I cry). CD Reiss' Songs of Perdition is gut-wrenching, but I'm a fan for life, and I'm terrified of starting Pepper Winters, but I must read about Jethro. Because Jethro.

    I write it with difficulty. It is satisfying and exhausting. I'm not exorcising demons, nor am I being purposefully gratuitous. I'm creating an oppressive dystopian future of secessionist Texas. It's not happy. But it's hopeful. It's an exaggerated social commentary. 

    3) your favorite authors? 

    I don't think I've read enough to choose. 

    4)any other things you want to add with your answers

    My husband is a huge fan of horror. His favorite gifts are tattered 50 cent paperbacks. One of his favorite writers is Bentley Little. The first book I read by him was called The House. It's the most horrid thing I've ever read. Not the writing. The story. He'd meant it to be. He succeeded. 

    And even Stephen King as 4.5 stars on Pet Sematary. Those are some sick motherfuckers who love that book. 
    I'm exhausted, so this might be total bullshit, but I think if you slapped horror onto some of these novels along with some psychological thriller, it's possible we wouldn't be condemned to being raped and kidnapped (rolls eyes). I do think it's a bit more nuanced than that. 

    And if we all stuck with sweet romances, how long before people complain that we're all sitting around with ridiculous expectations and we writers are perpetuating unrealistic relationships. Oh wait. They already do that.

This whole post is completely my opinion! 

I would love to hear yours!!! 

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