Monday, 12 May 2014

What Should We Include In a Negative or Positive Review?

What is a review? Its  about telling your feeling about certain things..Let it be a book or product or movie etc. Here I am talking about book reviews. Many readers are reviewers. Almost all the bloggers review books on behalf of authors. What does it do? Helps an author sell a book! It does.... trust me! A lots of favorable reviews is very tempting and a reader can't stop one-clicking it. It can short, big, big with gifs or just one line that you liked it or you didn't like it much. You rate it too. Four stars ,five stars, or one star maybe. Ratings and review helps a lot.Reviews are like window shopping.. You look at all of them and then go out and buy it!

Why am I doing a post on book reviews is because I have seen authors leaving or stopped writing books just because of bad reviews which seemed like bullying. Here I am not saying that  books won't have a bad reviews. Not everyone  will like it . I am a reader I understand. I don't rate all my boos 5 stars. Even though I am very lenient with the ratings and review.I rate it high if I feel the story in it. I will tell you my feelings without spoiling anything.

But you should always keep in mindsome points when giving a book low rating and writing a review of it.
Here are few things which you should not do-
1) Don't bully the author.
2)Don't tell her she can't write.Meaning Please don't be harsh.
3) If you pay for the book then please understand she also sacrifices her precious time with her family and writes for us whether you liked it or not.
4)Don't give it a low rating if it has grammatical mistakes. It happens to the best of them. I shouldn't but it does. If you can understand the story then it's completely fine! Tell the author if you are friends with her that there is an editing problem. maybe she will listen to you and improve it.
5)If you don't like it, its okay but when don't discourage anyone else not to read it because they might like it. Don't tell them to return it. I have seen many people returning it or not reading just because of the way the book has been  reviewed. Tell them to give this a chance if they liked the synopsis,teasers,cover.
6) You didn't like it ? Criticize yes, But a healthy criticizm. Like story was slow, fast paced,what could have been added to make it good. Characters seemed less developed. and if possible you did like few things then don't forget to mention that too. Let the author know where the mistake was.
7) If the book was well written but if it wasn't your cup of tea mention that. There are few books that I have given three stars just because the book was good...but not my type. I don't read it.
8)Let it be a review of book not the author. The book is bad not the author. Author wrote what she thought we would like. It didn't work out.
I didn't like Fifty Shades of Grey I gave it two stars because I didn't quite like the characters and wasn't a big fan of Erotica then. I didn't mention about author at all. I talked bout the book!
9) Last thing! I know you felt like you wasted your money..I get it ! but don't be harsh. What happened happened you cant change it. You thought you would like it but you were wrong. Still you did a big thing by helping out an author!

Good reviews? Wow! they are the best!
Write what you feel! What you felt about the book. Don't tell the story! or spoilers. If there is s spoiler...mention it please for the others. It ruins it for others!
It can be short,big only gifs! doesn't matter! Leave a review!!

Generally I only look at cover,yes, I am a cover whore then I look at synopsis. I read all the reviews..bad or good. It never makes me stop reading it Because I always end up liking it. I only don't pick up the book which does not have a happy ending. I am pretty lenient with reviews. If I loved the story I will give it four or five stars. If I didn't like few things I will mention that with the good things too. and I will still recommend it to everyone if they liked particular genre! Because What I didn't like they might end up love it!

If cover,synopsis , teasers  and even the good reviews didn't convince you then its okay if you don't buy it. :)

So writing a review isn't hard. And if its a negative review even then also its okay. Because you can't like each and every book you read  So make it a  good, honest review with healthy ciriticizm where no one gets hurt. I am always sad when I don't like the book I feel like saying sorry to the author that I didn't like it. But I always go and check out other books by her!
Review the book not the author is what I have to say! Authors aren't bad,the book wasn't good for you! Negative things can be said in a positive way. I think authors will appreciate that. and If you see anyone telling you that they won't pick up the book because You didn't like it tell them or advise them to check out the synopsis and other things too before coming to a decision!

I am always open for opinions! if you have any problem with this post or you think I am wrong in some aspects feel free to message me at If you want to add anything let me know! I am sorry of anyone gets hurt by this post. It was just a opinion. This is my own opinion of what I have learnt or felt is right!

Thank you for reading it! 

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