Monday, 9 December 2013

Misbehaving Blog Tour sign up!!

Link to my blog:
Link to join:
The sign up sheet is up and ready to go!
First come, first serve so sign-up now!
Each day will represent the book in the series! Each book in the series will have it’s own day to be spotlighted, so that means that you can sign up for your favourite book in the series that corresponds with the day it is.
*December 17th has a limited amount of blogs
December 12th – Breathe (Jax & Sadie)
December 13th – Because of Low (Marcus & Willow)
December 14th – While It Lasts (Cage & Eva)
December 15th – Just for Now (Preston & Amanda)
December 16th – Sometimes it Lasts (Cage & Eva)
December 17th – Misbehaving (Jason & Jess)
Sorry guys, the Misbehaving day is all filled up.
Below is the form to fill out, so pick the day you want and I will email you with more information!
The link to join the Blog Tour is HERE
The list of who is in what group will go up soon.
If you sign-up, please re-post this book tour on your blog so that we can get the word out!
Link to join:

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