Monday, 16 December 2013

ARC REVIEW -The Hunted One by Meg Collett

The Hunted One (End of Days, Book 1)The Hunted One by Meg Collett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thank you Meg for providing me ARC for this. :)
Hooking,thrilling,awesome,exciting,wonderful, action paced, good pace and what not. This book has everything to make you in love with it. I love angels, anything and everything about them and its lovely to read books about angels yet so different from others. This book was no exception So unique and brilliant that You will not want to stop. I know I read slowly because reality sucks sometimes.
This book is about a belief you held for long, about a leader who took hard decisions, its about betrayal, about love and about following orders. This is the first book I must say where I read about Michaela and Gabriel... Them as a leader. Micheala is betrayed by her own team and now she must do something so that she could go back to Heaven . But what will happen when you know that things weren't like you always thought? Its time when you start thinking of your decisions.There are secrets that will leave you ofcourse shocked because you would have never thought it would happen. It was a rollercoster ride for me !!
This is Michaela that I have in my mind :)

Her wings


SO this is all I will tell you bout the book.The book is coming out soon so please go and read the book. You won't disappointed because It has a strong female lead, Gabriel yes, :) And Clark whom you will love!! He is so funny sometimes and so good! and yes, sweet romance too ;)

Brilliant book by an Debut author :) and more thing the cover is GORGEOUS!!!! :) :)

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