Tuesday, 3 December 2013

ARC REVIEW --Being Kalli (Kalli, #1) by Rebecca Berto

Being Kalli (Kalli, #1)Being Kalli by Rebecca Berto
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This book was so different from other books that I have read so far. And this book is my first book by Rebecca Berto. I am so glad I got this book by author to review . It was fun reading this fast paced book which i have always liked. Fast, no unnecessary drama and characters and story so addictive .

First of all, The cover is awesome. I loved it :D Second- The characters so well developed that you will fell in love with them.
The plot is great. There are secrets which Kalli have but still it doesn't stop her to live her life. She is a close person . This book is all about finding love, getting better, sharing things , and giving chances, about friendship . This book was so different and so touching .
Kalli is caring, loving person who is scared of closed spaces because of her histor. But she is so strong and I found her to speak her mind, to give chances,Matured . You wouldn't stop yourself from falling in love with her.The book has few sexy, hot scenes which would live you breathless ;)

Nate is AWESOME!! I have never read a guy who was shy and the girl so bold. :D It was change from all those Alpha books :) I even found his shyness sexy and hot ;) He was sweet and so loving being there for Kalli. Even shy ..He was bold where it was needed.

Scout can be the best friend which you would always want to have! The twins were lovable :)
If there has been more story behind Nate and Kalli's friendship the it would have been perfect ...But still I loved it :D

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