Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Full Circle by Cate Teirnan

Full Circle (Wicca, #14)Full Circle by Cate Tiernan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In this, we get both Hunter's and Morgan's point of view. There is two set of storyline in this book . One of Patrice who was not behaving well and hunter had to deal with it and Morgan having dreams of hawks with fire. So this book deals with Hunter trying to find out what was wrong with Patrice the coven leader and trying to help Morgan out with her dreams...and doubting whether Ca has again come back to take away Morgan from him. This also deals with Sky and Raven coming back. we don't see much of Alisa in this.

this is the thing I really wanted to say for a long time. If you love a person then why can't you accept them as they are. you say you love them but still not happy with what they are doing. I really got angry sometimes when Mary K behaved when wicca was mentioned. She cared about Alisa but left her just because what she practices. So i never got around liking her. On starting I though ok it would improve but no she was same as ever . I like her parents though I can get what they are feeling but still they let her do what Morgan wants.Practising,beleiing in something doesn't mean you are wrong and not worth the friendship.

No only the last book is left which i really need to finsh.

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